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How to place my sell order of Arabcoin (ARB) ?

Arabcoin (ARB) is in stage one of it's live release as new born Cryptocurrency, recently we are working with the developers toward a clear road map will be implemented in next stages to spread out widder in market space, that means that Arabcoin (ARB) is considered as an investment Cryptocurrency currently for intermediate and long run targets rather being for the purpose of short run spaculations while it's still in building it's ranking and development stages against other coins, so that a limited supply and demand is expected from time to time although there is many executed sell and buy orders are being executed in Trad Book recently.


Most properly of Arabcoin (ARB) sell and buy orders being placed in Limit Orders option as a pending request to sell or buy untill being executed once matched with a counter order in the Order Book over increasing market cap to be traded in higher volumes and get market liquidity increased gradually.


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