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What is Arabcoin (ARB) ERC20 token ?

Arabcoin (ARB) is an Arabian initiative by the regional developer of digital assets Arabtizor holdings, Inc. to build a Cryptocurrency for Arab world while its smart contract built into ERC20 in stage one and will be upgarded in later stages to a dedicated blockchain for Arabcoin Network (


Arabcoin (ARB) is announced an official Cryptocurrency of ADAX Bitcoin Exchange to be a fuel fees and payment method for the platform over next step of upgrades while its listed recently into ADAX exclusively in stage one against three major markets ARB/USDT, ARB/BTC and ARB/ETH.


Arabcoin (ARB) is listed exclusively over ADAX Bitcoin Exchange in stage one of it's life cycle to be trade-able asset in live release and later on to be listed into another global Crypto exchanges worldwide according to a strategic road map once all requirements accomplished, meanwhile, it will be the platform Cryptocurrency to pay any fees inside ADAX Bitcoin Exchange including Trade Fees in later stages.



For further details, please follow this linke of Whitepaper:


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