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Can you tell me step by step how to trade into ADAX ?

Yes sure,


Step One: register by using your email address only to open an ADAX's account and confirm your registration email.

Step Two: login to your account and go to deposit section to get the receiving address of your account for each Cryptocurrency.

Step Three: fund your account by sending the selected Cryptocurrency from your outside wallet to your ADAX's wallet address.

Step Four: go to the section of market orders in the lower right side of the platform and select the order type you want to execute in market (Limit Orders, Market Orders) while Limit Order is to place a pending order to buy or sell in a price better than recent price, but Market Order is an immediate order execution at best price available inside our Order Book.

Step Five: your placesd orders will be shown in the middle section if it’s Pending status, meanwhile it will be found inside the History section if already executed.


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